Monday, October 22, 2012

kublai art garden

on the way to camp sabros and mt. apo highland resort, you see signs pointing to an unassuming hillside.  this way to kublai art garden.

what greets you is a visual feast. 

a majestic garden of rolling hills with an amazing view of Mt. Apo and larger-than-life sculptures and artworks by mindanawon painter, photographer and sculptor, Kublai Ponce-Millan. 



going around was quite an exercise but it was all worth it.  the kublai art garden is definitely a 'must-go-to' when you are in this part of davao.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

mt. apo highland resort - lake mirror & hillside

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the first stop in my mindanao roadtrip adventure.

about 2-3 hours from davao city,  mt. apo highland resort is located in kapatagan, digos, davao del sur which is practically at the foothills of mt. apo. this is where camp sabros is located,the jump-off point for the mountain climbers that are set to conquer the grandfather of Philippine mountains.

dubbed summer capital of davao, you get a choice to stay in the cute lakeside cottages (or pitch a tent) where you can swim in a freshwater pool, go fishing and boating & horseback riding or at the hillside cottages with an amazing view of mt. apo. 

we stayed in the hillside cottages and woke up to a clear, cloudless view of mt. apo. freezing my ass off because i only brought beach clothes and no jacket was all worth it. =)

this will probably the closest i will get to mt. apo, for now. maybe next time i will attempt to rough it out.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

been there. done that.

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a glimpse where i've been, what i've done and who i've met this past year or so.

did a palaui redux.

surfed in la union for the nth time.

ran 10k on my 5th condura at the skyway.

took on a new sport. wall climbing!

conquered my fear (and disdain) of guns and tried shooting for the first time.

survived my first rowing experience without falling into the pasig river!

and it was just liwaliw galore all-year round - batangas, cebu, bohol, boracay, davao, surigao.

i'm obviously still wandering and 'adventuring' as usual, but i was just to lazy blog about it.  hopefully my lazy blogger phase is over. will try to catch up and do individual posts for my notable adventures.
so, welcome back, to me! =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my ultimate whaleshark adventure

another reason to go home to my beloved cebu.  resident whaleshark in oslob!

the diving community being small and relatively connected by less than six degrees of separation, news of great dive spots, pelagic sightings & dive discoveries travel fast.  

but apparently, the whaleshark in oslob is a well-kept secret.  it has been a resident of the shallow waters of brgy. tanawan in oslob for more than two years before facebook happened - meaning a video of local divers playing with the whalesharks was uploaded in facebook and the rest, well, will be history as my friends and i were one of the first few divers to experience this awesome adventure.  and so far, several divers i know are planning a trip to oslob right at this very moment!

my closest and longest adventure with the gentle giant caught on vid.  check it out!

so. i am back.

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been gone but never idle.  took a million photos, went on numerous adventures, learned a few lessons, lost friends, reconnected with old ones, gained new ones, enjoyed new experiences and lived each day to the fullest, one day at a time. 

i've been selfish the past year, i kept it all to myself.  

hopefully not anymore.